On the basis of Centre “Ayumel” can organize next master-classes:

-          Causal aspects of rehabilitation and development of living systems;

-          Influence of one’ images to harmony of  life processes;

-          Spacial forms, harmony and rehabilitation;

-          Logic and health, culture of thinking;

-          Healthy relations;

-          Principles of business harmonization;

-          Sociology and Psychology of Health;

-          Language and Health;

-          Philosophy and Psychology of Creativity;

-          Principles of Inventive and Innovative Activity;

-          Principles of Vital Technologies and others.

Маster-classes can be on individual or collective forms in Sevastopol, Crimea, Russian Federation.

Same time we with support of relatives tourist organizations can organize visits of good for health and rehabilitation Crimean places.

Master-classes teachers are specialists of high qualification (PhD and Dr.S.).