“Centre “AYUMEL ” LTD

Limited Liability Company “Center “AYUMEL ” (Sevastopol, Ukraine) was founded in 2005. According to its activity, it is a multi-enterprise which combines research, educational and exhibition and congress activities.   

Scientific research of “Cente” “AYUMEL” LLC is represented with devices and technologies  in the fields of health improvement and harmonization of life. It is based on cooperation agreements and is tried in the V. Karazin Kharkov National University. Results are presented in the form of devices and technologies that are patented as inventions in Ukraine, Russian Federation. In the process of this research work 4 PhD, and 2 DS dissertations were defended and 5 more PhD theses are being prepared.
Some devices and technologiws  may also be conducted to fulfill a request, as well as evaluation of developments and solutions may be carried out.

“Center “AYUMEL” LLC builds its activity on the fundamental idea of continuing education during the whole life. Additional adult education is provided by copyright master-classes in the fields of life harmonization, innovation activity, philosophy, sociology, logic of creativity and technologies. Education is conducted in groups and individually. Programs aiming at support of inventive and innovative activity among adults are developed to promote their scientific and cognitive activity. 
“Center “AYUMEL» is also represented in the activities of  Agency of Economical Development of Sevastopol, co-operate with city government. 
 Exhibition and congress activities are presented in international  scientific conferences (Sevastopol, Kharkov) devoted to development of living systems, harmonization of educational process, stable development of urban community (in association with Communal Enterprise « Agency of Economic Development  of Sevastopol “), as well as in scientific-methodological seminars. “Center “AYUMEL” LLC also maintains organization of such projects through contracts with other organizations.
“Center “AYUMEL”     LLC in collaboration  with Agency for Economic Development of Sevastopol CE  initiated and founded International Salon of Inventions and New Technologies “New Time” and  International Contest of Youth Innovations and Works “New Time” taking place every year since 2005  late in  September  in Sevastopol. These projects are one of  the largest in Russian Federation in the field of invention and innovation presentations. They evolve great interest in country and abroad.
“Cente  “AYUMEL”  LLC  regularly participates in national and international exhibitions, representing corporate innovative products at international innovative  fairs (Brussels, Bucharest, Moscow, Iasi, Geneva, etc.), collaborates with national societies of inventors in Europe and Asia. Representatives of the Centre “AYUMEL” are members to international jury at such exhibitions.

  • “Center  “AYUMEL” is a collective member of:
  • International Club of  Innovations “Archimedes” (Moscow)
  • World Forum of Researchers and Inventors (Bucharest)

 The International Promotional Fund of Social Initiatives (St. Petersburg) and International Personnel Academy (Kiev) have their representations on the basis of  Center  “AYUMEL”. Mutual cooperation agreements have been signed with organizations and firms of Sevastopol, Crimea, Russian Federation and other countries.

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